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It’s That Time of Year Again….

Can you believe there’s less than two months till Christmas?! Not that I’m overlooking Thanksgiving or the beautiful fall season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday. Besides, the closer it is, the more I realize how many Christmas gifts I need to make.

Our dog dressed up for Christmas

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

I am slightly addicted to anything that is pumpkin-spice flavored.

Thomas’s Pumpkin Spice Bagels? Check.

Pumpkin spice oatmeal? Check.

Stash’s Pumpkin Spice Tea at Safeway? Check.

Pumpkin Spice Latte? Oh my goodness, yes.


Friends, if you like pumpkin spice, you might want to give that recipe a go. Katie is a phenomenal cook and her latte is no exception.

(And she has pictures; sorry I don’t have any, but I ate all my pumpkin and I forgot to take pictures!)

Are you a pumpkin spice fan?

What’s your favorite fall flavor?


From 60 to -10

The W

It was 60 degrees last Sunday. A beautiful, albeit blustery 60-degree day with Dillon caught in this little circle of sunshine and ringed with the storm clouds of the upcoming winter storm.

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Crock-pot Cabbage and Potatoes

I’m getting a little tired of stir fries and microwave-steamed veggies. It’s time to get a little more creative.

Hence — I’m breaking out the crock-pot.


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I Like Beets!?

I was so excited to get turnips in my last Bountiful Baskets. Oh yum…I couldn’t wait to grill them in my skillet with some olive oil and garlic salt! One night, I grabbed the smaller one and started chopping it up.

Why does this smell sort of like a beet?

Why does it have red stripes on the inside?!

Beets and carrots sliced into a skillet 2

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I Never Hike Alone

Valerie was swamped with school.

Mrs. Hebel had to work.

Mrs. Worden had promised to babysit her grandkids.

So I decided to hike the W by myself. It was too beautiful of a day not to, especially considering that a cold spell was supposed to hit the following Monday.

View from the W 16

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Healthy “Mac” ‘N’ Cheese

One thing I actually used to be able to cook well when I was a kid was mac ‘n’ cheese. Granted, not from scratch. It was just the boxed “add-this-and-that” stuff. But my sister and I enjoyed it! And it’s still one of my favorite dishes at Golden Corral. However, as part of a daily meal plan, it’s really not a healthy meal option.

Therefore, I present to you — a healthified but still delectable “mac” ‘n’ cheese!

Final bowl of cauliflower mac n cheese 2

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