And So Summer Break Begins

Long time no write!

I apologize to all of my faithful readers, because I have most definitely not been a faithful writer. I won’t offer any promises for the future, but at least I’m blogging today!

A large part of my being able to blog is that summer break has started for the Robinson household! Our last week of craziness was the last full week of April – we wrapped up Amazing Collection on Monday, I helped with the last homeschool group on Tuesday, and Good News Club finished up on Thursday. To start off our summer break with a bang, Alexander and I decided to head up to Montana to see my folks for the weekend, being as all of the hectic activities were over. We had originally planned to spend Thursday evening after Good News Club eating mac ‘n’ cheese and watching a movie together, followed by a laid-back Friday morning during which Alexander could sleep in and I could go for a run. God, however, had a different plan because “man’s heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). And, fortunately for us, God’s ways are always better!

Starting off on our summer break road trip

A winter storm (hopefully the last major winter storm of the spring???) was moving in Thursday night and, after looking at the predicted snow forecast and knowing how bad the interstate and passes can be, we realized that if we waited until Friday morning to leave then the roads would likely be impassable. (We later found out that they truly were closed Friday morning!) Therefore, with that change of plans, I spent Thursday packing before going to Good News Club. Then that evening, once we were both back home, I whipped up some mac ‘n’ cheese, we loaded up Matilda, and hit the road!!! I think all three of us (that includes our Zippers 🙂 ) were a little elated about going on a road trip again.

Although snow had already begun to fall over the mountains, the roads were decent and I’ve been blessed with an awesome driver for a hubby. We made good time, getting up to the Roundup home a little before midnight.

I’ll admit that I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the weekend; my Mom and I were a little busy with goats and crafts. Friday was pretty much “goat” day as we had two does kidding – the first had twins in the morning and the second had a big single late that afternoon. I’m so thankful I could help out for both of the kiddings – if we hadn’t left until Friday, even if the roads were open, I would have missed at least the first birth, if not the second as well. Watching the miracle of new life and helping little babies get their start in the world is an experience I never tire of seeing. Some of the other does had also kidded 2 or 3 weeks earlier, so the barn was full of babies with which I could cuddle and play.

Hubby had brought along his scroll saw, so Mom gave him lots of craft projects to cut out. Come Saturday, Mom and I started painting the wooden pieces. We also took in a dress I’d bought on clearance (it was a size too big for me), spent more time in the barn, and celebrated my dad’s birthday. Alexander made a jeep magnet for him – talented hubby of mine. ❤ Mom made some amazing loaves of no-knead bread; I copied the recipes so I’m definitely going to have to make a batch or two here at home!

On Sunday morning I went for a horse ride while my parents were at Sunday school and hubby was sleeping in. Being around horses is probably what I miss most now that I’ve moved from Montana. Our home in Casper is absolutely wonderful, and I’m so appreciative of being in a fairly quiet part of town, but I am looking forward to the day we have a place out of town where we can keep a horse or two. Even when I was attending college in Dillon I was typically able to be with horses once every week or two because of the Draft Horse Club and class. At this point in my life though, living in Casper is a little different. Therefore, getting my “horse fix” on Sunday was kind of a necessity and very much a delight. My mare April was being as ornery as usual (she loves to spin complete 180’s if we’re headed a direction she doesn’t want to go, she swerves like she’s drunk when we’re going away from her buddy horse, and she is constantly trying to rub me off on trees), so I didn’t trust her enough to take any pictures while I rode. “After” shots will have to do for now.

Alexander and I went to church for the regular service, which allowed us to see several friends we hadn’t visited over the weekend. After church we went back to the house, I helped Mom with a few goat issues, we loaded up the truck, and we headed home. Shopping in Billings delayed us for a little bit (but they have a Costco!), and we ended up back in Casper around nine in the evening.

Snowy mountain view on the car ride home

So now summer break is off with a bang, and I have today’s to-do list to accomplish. Enjoy the spring weather, wherever you may be, and hopefully I’ll be talking with you soon!

Questions for You

1. Have you ever held a baby goat?

2. Are you a “craft” person? If so, what kinds of crafts?

3. What is one of the things you missed most when you moved out of your parents’ house? Or your home state?


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