5-Minute Project: Puzzle Time

I know, I know…puzzles take a lot longer than five minutes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a puzzle and work on it in five minute intervals. There’s one on my kitchen table right now (it’s a good thing I hardly ever eat at the table!), although only the border’s done.

Border of puzzle

A good way to start a puzzle without utterly sacrificing the space it’s on is to do the puzzle on a heavy poster board that won’t bend when you pick up. Then, there’s no excuse to not start a puzzle because you can easily move it off the table when necessary.

Puzzle box and completed border

So go ahead and start one! Although, if you like puzzling as much as I do, good luck only spending five minutes at a time on one! 🙂

Are you a puzzler?

What types of puzzles do you like to do?

What is the largest puzzle you’ve ever done? The hardest?

I think I might have done a 1,500 piece puzzle with my family, but I think the hardest one was actually only a thousand pieces!


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