From 60 to -10

The W

It was 60 degrees last Sunday. A beautiful, albeit blustery 60-degree day with Dillon caught in this little circle of sunshine and ringed with the storm clouds of the upcoming winter storm.

View from the W 2

Then on Wednesday and Thursday I walked to school and it -10.

Yes, -10.

How does this happen in 5 days?! I’m excited for the snow; I’m excited for the holidays; I’m excited for the thought of curling up with a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa….but I am not excited about below-zero digits. Brr, brr, brr.

However, I really can’t complain too much. We had a long, warm fall and just before winter hit I was able so spend some quality time with friends, exploring the Dillon area and taking pictures of the pre-winter scenery.

A week ago I went with Valerie and her classmate to help them try to find rocks for their geology class. We took a drive on Sweetwater Road (which I’d never toured before, even though this is my fourth year living in Dillon) and the views from the top of one the hills were simply stunning.

November view from Sweetwater Road 2   November view from Sweetwater Road 1

Then on Sunday, the last day of fall weather, the Wordens and I hiked the W, beating the storm to the area. We didn’t beat the wind, however; it was literally blowing me to the side as I tried to follow the path! Who knew hiking in the wind could be so crazy and fun….it’s interesting how some of the things I dread (I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this hike initially) become the exciting moments I enjoy!

View from the W 3  View from the W 1

Has winter hit your area yet? Or is fall still lingering?

How are you enjoying this time of the year with your friends?


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