5-Minute Project: Your Board

I love words. They have so much power…so much potential. I collect words by collecting various books and by writing down quotes in my quote journal. But I also collect individual words and phrases when I’m flipping through horse magazines I’ve salvaged from the school library discard pile.

Magazine cutouts

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Life Story

Stories. I have a rather weird habit of narrating my daily actions in my head as if they were a story – “She walked out to feed the horses” or “She curled up on her bed with her toy in her arms.” Sometimes the thoughts are deliberate, but more often than not they’re just floating around in the back of my head, rather subconsciously.

Phase 1 of Alex's drawing

Each day is a story. There’s a beginning and an ending. More likely than not, there’s some climax – good or bad – to the day. Maybe the story wouldn’t be interesting enough to write down; and then again maybe it would be. But apparently it’s interesting enough to be worth living because, you know what, I live it. Every single day, I live a new story.

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It’s That Time of Year Again….

Can you believe there’s less than two months till Christmas?! Not that I’m overlooking Thanksgiving or the beautiful fall season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday. Besides, the closer it is, the more I realize how many Christmas gifts I need to make.

Our dog dressed up for Christmas

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5-Minute Project: Puzzle Time

I know, I know…puzzles take a lot longer than five minutes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set up a puzzle and work on it in five minute intervals. There’s one on my kitchen table right now (it’s a good thing I hardly ever eat at the table!), although only the border’s done.

Border of puzzle

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Christmas Crafts: DIY Candlelight Cans

It’s less than a month until Christmas and I don’t have a single Christmas present made yet. It’s time to get busy, but with my class right now and a 400-level class next block, I don’t have a lot of time. I could just buy some gifts, and I’ll probably buy a few, but I prefer hand-making gifts; they seem to have more personal value that way.

So how about something quick? And cheap? And even recyclable?

Maybe you’re looking for the same thing….

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