Finished patch


The electrician trade – as wonderful as it is – has not been kind to my husband’s jeans. I think I’ve patched three pairs within just the last few months! I used my sewing machine at first; however, my machine struggled with the material and when the first patch didn’t hold (it was honestly in …

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I am so thankful for the two providers in my life -- God and my husband Alexander. Last month, Alexander was switching jobs and he took a short break in between to catch up on some house projects. As a result, our budget for the month was a little tighter than normal, including our food …

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There’s truth in the idea that the hardest word to learn to say is “No.” Really, it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Two little letters, but they can literally carry life-altering decisions in their combined voice. I had to say, “No,” this week. And it wasn’t easy. If you know me in person, you probably …

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