New Year, New Update

Dusting off the ol’ blog again! So here’s a quick life update to catch you up on what all has been going on in the Robinson household.

Sun and view of mountains on a run

The House

I can finally say that I’m almost unpacked!!! I used my free time over Christmas break to really go to work on all the boxes and scattered items. The craft room/mountain view room is much more presentable now. I’ve set up a table and chair in front of the window, which faces south, and this little space is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the house. The way the sunlight angles through the window is so warming and perfect; the location is fairly reclusive and quiet (except for the construction outside, which isn’t terrible); the view beyond the houses is thought-inspiring; and it’s simply a place of peace. I could spend hours here, and I hope to soon do that!

Sunny spot from the craft room with mountain view

Health and Fitness

One of my best friends – Becci – has agreed to run a half marathon with me – the Jackson Hole Half Marathon in June!!! Becci has raced before and I never have, but it will be a first half for both of us. Training has already started and we’re accountability partners for one another, so we can commiserate about the wind and ice and “dreadmill” together. Hehe.

(Also, Becci is working toward going back to Kenya, Africa, as a full-time missionary! She interned there a few years ago and God has truly given her a heart for the Kenyan people. She just started blogging at Safari Ya Imani  if you want to see what she’s up to!)

In further news, I’m still following a (mostly) vegan diet and loving it! The one exception to being plant-based is doctor-instructed brone broth 2 or 3 times a week. We’re trying to heal up an intestinal issue I’ve had since the last year of college, and she’s asking me to stick with the bone broth for a while, until the issue is gone. Yuck, but I’ll do it if it will fix things. She’s also had me go onto a gluten-free diet which, while it isn’t as bad as the bone broth, still isn’t my favorite thing. I’m looking forward to getting everything resolved and eating my whole wheat pasta again!!! But hey – at least it’s challenging me to get creative with cooking, right?! I even tried gluten-free doughnuts the other day, which fortunately tasted better than they looked….

my first attempt at gluten-free doughnuts

Church Life

The church we’ve been attending has been such a blessing. The teaching – both from the pastors and other leaders – is phenomenal. God has also opened doors for Alexander and I to be involved as much more than just attendees – we get to help with Bible studies, Alexander is in a leadership training program, and I help with a couple of kids’ groups throughout the week. It’s been amazing, albeit challenging, to be so immersed in church functions throughout the week.


Honestly, life is one big adventure made up of a series of little adventures. Whether the adventure is having both of our vehicles be inoperable at the same time or watching God open doors for us to make a surprise visit up to see the folks, life is never boring for us and it’s always amazing to see what God has in mind next. In a couple of weeks we get to make a quick trip down to Denver to see family and we are both soooo excited; it will also be the first big road trip of the year, and we definitely have the road trip bug already!

Sundayselfie of hubby and me

We’ve also decided that, in order to better facilitate our adventures and to accommodate our future family, we’d like to invest in a minivan and convert it into a camper/adventure mobile! Road trips could be more convenient and less expensive, and we can camp in bear country (hello, Tetons) with much more peace of mind (I usually stress out a little….maybe more than a little). As for when this process will actually take place, we don’t know. But we can dream, and since God most definitely has a way of making our dreams a reality, we can trust that He will provide a minivan for us if that is His will.

Final Thoughts

I’ll end this update here for now. I really have missed posting on the blog and interacting with family and other bloggers, so we’ll see if I can do it a little more regularly.

I want to leave you all with this song that I heard on Pandora the other day and had to go hunt down — The Only Thing by Ronnie Freeman.  Go watch it! I’d never heard of Freeman before, but this song has really been working in my heart this week.

Questions for you….

What songs, if any, have been on your heart this week?

Are you a road tripper?

What’s your favorite little quiet spot in your house?


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Update

  1. Kelci Shepherd


    Reading this made my heart so happy! I recommend “King of my Heart,” by Kutless. It has been a blessing to my husband and I as of late. My favorite spot in my house is in the front room where we get the most natural light! Someday, I would loved to move into the country and not have to have any sort of window coverings…speaking of dreams! Toby and I have been going on a lot of road trips lately as he is racing snowmobiles! It is such a fun time, and the conversation is always rich!

    I love getting a peek into your life! You amaze me in so many ways!

    <3, Kelci


    1. Hi, Kelci!

      It’s so good to hear from you! I know I’ve heard “King of my Heart” on the radio, but I’ll have to go listen to it more intentionally — I don’t always pay close attention to the words of songs on the radio. Our front room gets lots of natural light, too!!! It is such a blessing….and the sunshine feels a little more country-ish, right? I’ve seen some of your snowmobile pictures! I’m so glad you two get to take some fun road trips together; and what a beautiful time of year to do it in!

      <3, Lauren


    1. Hi Laura,
      (I’m sorry for the delay in replying; I hadn’t checked my site stats in a while and didn’t realize you’d posted a comment! I’ll try to be better about checking for comments in the future.)
      You should go for a half marathon! Training is really a wonderful learning experience. Keeping on a schedule and pushing myself on the long runs has definitely been a challenge, but it’s also taught me a lot about how much I do LOVE running, the importance of managing my time to fit those runs in, and how I need to correct my form in order to improve my running. And…running new distances and new trails is just fun. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


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