5-Minute Project: Your Board

I love words. They have so much power…so much potential. I collect words by collecting various books and by writing down quotes in my quote journal. But I also collect individual words and phrases when I’m flipping through horse magazines I’ve salvaged from the school library discard pile.

Magazine cutouts

Some words have a specific meaning to me.

Words Leave Nothing to Chance and Broken

Some just catch my eye.

Words Masterpiece and Bring The Heat

Some make me think.

Word Masterpiece

With those words, I’ve started creating an Inspiration Board on my wall. The words or phrases themselves simply inspire me to think, and they also inspire and encourage me in various aspects of my life, such as school or working out or memorizing Scripture.

Inspiration board

So the challenge for you? Start your own Inspiration Board with pictures or words or quotes or drawings…anything that inspires you in life. And it doesn’t have to be in one area of your life…maybe choose things that are applicable in many different ways. And it’s a 5-minute project because you can keep adding to it. You can tell from my board that I’ve just started; I have a lot of space left to fill! But that’s the fun part…because it’s a project I can keep returning to whenever I need a break from school.

Word Strong Hope

Have you ever created your own inspiration or motivation board?

What inspires you?


2 thoughts on “5-Minute Project: Your Board

  1. Kathy O.

    When I was in college I came across a phrase in a magazine that made me think. I cut it out and put it on my fridge: “You are His hands. You are His voice. You are the one who must make the choice.” It reminded me that the world will either see Christ through me, or not, depending on my decisions, actions and words. Every morning when I leave the house, I ask God to help me reflect Him in what I do and what I say.


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