I Never Hike Alone

Valerie was swamped with school.

Mrs. Hebel had to work.

Mrs. Worden had promised to babysit her grandkids.

So I decided to hike the W by myself. It was too beautiful of a day not to, especially considering that a cold spell was supposed to hit the following Monday.

View from the W 16

I’ll admit that at first I was a little disappointed; after doing so many outdoor activities with friends this fall, I guess I was feeling a little lonely as I clambered up that trail. But not for long, because soon I realized that I needed my “loner” time — just me and God up there on top of the world.

I snapped some pictures of the scenery — Montana is so incredibly beautiful. The skies that day were gorgeous and snow was really starting to settle on the mountains. Along the way I noticed some fresh scat and I quietly wished that I could see some deer or antelope. Not that I would — no deer or antelope in its right mind would be up there where all the hikers, runners, and dogs were at.

View from the W 8  View from the W 2

Knowing that I still had school to work on at home, I debated with myself whether I should head back down the trail or head over to the next knoll. Which one, God? 

Apparently neither. Go sit on the other side of the hill, out of the wind.

View from the W 4

Umm, okay.

So I went and sat down, avoiding the prickly pear. I gazed around at the scenery below. There, down in the valley, consisting of tiny brown and white dots, was a herd of antelope.

Antelope 1
(Well, there are antelope in this picture, even though you cannot see them.)

Thank You, God.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big thing. But to me, it was. God was telling me, See, I know what you need. I hear your cries and desires. And I care enough about you to show you the little things that mean so much to you. You didn’t know what I was doing, but I did.

I needed that reaffirmation. I needed to just sit in the presence of the Lord, letting my thoughts swirl away and letting His peace seep in. More than once this fall He has called me to do something I didn’t quite understand, but when I trusted Him and obeyed, the results were far better than I could have expected. I know I can trust that His way is always, always best.

View from the W 12

I never hike alone. I’m never in my room alone. I never go to school alone. God is always with me — a God who loves and cares about me. A God who plays an active role in my life. A God who asks me to sit on the side of the hill with Him so that He can show me antelope.

Are you alone?

What has God called you to do that you didn’t quite understand, but when you obeyed, you suddenly realized that God had a wonderful plan in mind?

Has God asked you to sit on the hill with Him? If so, how did you respond?




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