Victory View

Okay, fine, it’s kind of cliché. Exaggerated. Boastful.

Honestly, I kind of cringed, too when it came into my head. But when I was at the top of the hill, panting to catch my breath, and trying to take a picture of the incredible horizon, that phrase was what popped into my mind. “Victory View.”

Northern view down hill with mountains in background

And, I’ll admit it – to me, reaching the top of the hill was something of a victory. This was the first week I’d gotten back into running (let alone working out) after Christmas break. I hadn’t even intended to run up the hill when I started out that afternoon. And after a fall semester of pretty much not running at all because of a bummed-up knee, any running is basically incredible. So when I got to the top, I was kind of elated. It was a victory.

And the view….

The pictures do not do it justice. I was in the sunshine, but all around the horizon thick snow clouds were settling down on the snow-capped mountains. The hills stretched away for miles and miles; I’d passed antelope, horses, and cattle coming up the road; the wind was fresh, but not too hard.

God’s glorious creation on display. Most definitely one of the major reasons I run.

When the phrase “Victory View” came to mind, it reminded me of a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago which mentioned how God gives us the victory. How true that has been in the past few weeks…in all of life really. When the hill seems too long and too steep, and our legs feel like lead weights that move more and more slowly, He gives us the strength, courage, and heart to ascend that hill and stand victorious at the top.

Southern view with open pastures and cloud-covered mountains

As I looked at the view, I was amazed by the way it appeared as if the clouds were literally pouring down over the mountains. A waterfall of clouds. The phrase that came to mind was “pour out His mercy.” And put in that perspective…wow. He doesn’t pour out just a cupful of mercy. Not a gallon. Not a 1,000-gallon cistern. His mercy covers the mountains.

I wish the pictures displayed it more clearly for you….

But if you can imagine a mercy that cloaks and pours over the mountains, that is the sort of mercy He pours out on us. A mercy which leads to a victory view – for Life and Life Everlasting.

Have you ever seen a Victory View? What was it like?

How has God given you the victory lately?

Why do you run?

I might need to do a blog post just on this question….


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