It’s That Time of Year Again….

Can you believe there’s less than two months till Christmas?! Not that I’m overlooking Thanksgiving or the beautiful fall season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday. Besides, the closer it is, the more I realize how many Christmas gifts I need to make.

Our dog dressed up for Christmas

I do buy some of my gifts, but there’s something extra-special about hand-made gifts. When I put so much time and effort into them, I’m not just giving the finished product — I’m also giving all the love and friendship that urged me to make the gifts in the first place.

The amazing thing is that there are so many different ways of “making” your own gifts. While some projects do require a great deal of time and supplies (such as some of the drawings I’ve done in the past), other items are less time or supply expensive. So what are some options for you, as a low-budget, limited-time college student?

Take a look at your talents and hobbies. If you like to knit or crochet, you could make headbands, bags, dishcloths, potholders, or even stuffed animals. If you like to sew, you could make tote bags or placemats. Or what if you’re into artwork — how about drawing or painting a picture? Or what about beadwork — my sister makes beautiful bobby pins and jewelry for her friends. Rubber stamping also comes in handy — how about handmade Christmas cards this year?

Crocheted Scarf

But you don’t have to be crafty to make your own Christmas presents. Maybe you like to cook…and anybody enjoys a gift of food, especially around Christmas time. Or you could even “give” some of your favorite holiday recipes to your friends.

Maybe you prefer to design gifts rather than actually make them. If so, check out sites like Vistaprint or PersonalizationMall which allow customers to personalize and design gifts. You can still put a lot of time and care into designing them, without having to actually possess the skills to make the items themselves.

And if worse comes to worst and you have absolutely zero time and funds…why not send out hand-written cards? In our era of texting and social networking — especially among our generation — a hand-written card is practically unheard of. Take five minutes out of your day to write a simple note to someone; it’ll probably mean far more to the recipient than a printed letter or a mass e-mail would.

Hand-stamped Cards

As you’re creating, designing, or planning your Christmas gifts this year, remember the very first Christmas Gift we received over 2,000 years ago. Christ gave up practically everything to give us His life. Nobody’s asking you to give up your life for them this Christmas, but ask yourself how much you are willing to give up of your own daily life — whether it’s an extra hour of sleep, or money you want to spend on a new shirt, or time on the Internet — in order to give someone else a truly meaningful Christmas gift.

What are you doing for Christmas gifts this year?

Are you one of those amazing people who have all their Christmas gifts bought or made weeks before Christmas?

Not me! 🙂


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